Raspberries are among many fruits and vegetables that we are all very aware we should be consuming more of, but why do we make such a chore out of them when they do so much for our bodies, for every little helping?

The image for this post was taken of my own breakfast, exactly as it looks in the bowl; porridge oats, milk, and a handful of raspberries. It is my go-to breakfast for the little time it takes to prepare, the goodness I know it does, and also because its an ideal way to disguise fruit (or porridge) if you are not a big eater of fruit normally. No need for sugar or syrup in my porridge bowl! But this post is actually about the remarkable components to raspberries, and you will see how important it is to include a handful or two in your diet each week.

The Facts

Raspberries contain the following nutritional information (based on a cupful):
1.5 g of protein – YES this is true!
8 g of dietary fibre – Combined with porridge oats, this is a perfect meal if you are feeling bloated.
64 calories per cup – Excellent choice for people wanting to lose weight
186 mg of potassium – Necessary for maintaining healthy blood pressure
31 mg of calcium – Needed for bone development and growth
167 combined mcg of lutein and zeaxanthin – Can help protect against macular degeneration, an eye disease that can cause loss of vision
26 mcg of folate – Which can prevent neural tube defects in newborns

Cholesterol-free, low in fat and sodium.

Quercetin is yet another effective anticarcinogen found in raspberries.

Raspberries are high in antioxidants which offer multiple health benefits including slowing aspects of the ageing process. Especially relevant is the research available showing the effect of high antioxidants in slowing cancer growth.

Raspberries act as an anti-inflammatory and can support pains caused by Arthritis and Gout.

Seems like a fabulous little fruit!

Finally, for any of you wondering; raspberries will still contain the same nutritional values wether they are from Frozen or Fresh, you can also achieve wonderful nutritional support from Dried or Powdered raspberries (excellent for adding to protein shakes).

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