How to Look After Your Matcha Whisk

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As this phenomenal drink continues to gain popularity, many look for the fastest, easiest way to prepare matcha. Shake it, blend it, sprinkle it or mix it. However, those that embrace matcha green tea powder not just for the taste or health benefits, but for its meditation value, the Chasen – or bamboo whisk – is an essential piece of equipment for preparing matcha green tea powder. However, after prolonged use, the beautiful tea whisk begins to lose its unique shape. Typically, when used for official Japanese tea ceremonies, the Chasen is replaced each time, but the everyday matcha drinkers certainly can’t afford to do that, nor should they need to. Fortunately, with proper whisk care, the Chasen can be kept looking fresh for quite some time.

A Chasen in Bloom
When a Chasen wears out, it is referred to as “blooming,” a process where the outer tines start to straighten and the clumped core begins to open, not unlike a blooming flower. This process is to be expected and cannot be prevented; however, there are ways that matcha drinkers can slow the process down.

Caring for Your Matcha Whisk
By following these simple steps, frequent matcha drinkers will be able to keep their Chasen looking nice after more than just a few brews.

Before first use, you can soak the tips of your whisk in cold water for 1-2 minutes to loosen them. On first or second use, the centre tines may release. This is completely normal, and will help aerate the matcha.
When whisking, avoid dragging the whisk along bottom of the bowl as this can damage the tines. For tips on whisking, check out our how-to video.
It is crucial to keep a Chasen properly stored. The bamboo Chasen isn’t the same as that metal eggbeater sitting amongst you kitchen utensils, and no, that metal eggbeater won’t have the same effect as the Chasen, either. Those who are serious in their matcha ritual will want to invest in a matcha whisk holder. Not only does it show off this beautiful and unique tool, but it helps keep the inner core together, the outer core spread, and allows the tines to dry properly.
Like with any utensil, it is important to clean the Chasen after each use, but never leave the Chasen soaking in water for long. Bamboo absorbs water and this can lead to the tines becoming soft and breaking, or the much more heartbreaking issue of mould growing in the inner core. After each use, rinse Chasen under cold water and pat dry with some paper towel. Leave upright and allow whisk to air dry before storing on holder. Avoid putting the whisk back in the plastic container it comes in.
Before each use, the Chasen should be inspected thoroughly for broken or cracking tines. Having the unfortunate experience of drinking a piece of broken tine after preparing matcha can be unpleasant at best. Luckily, a few tines can be removed from the Chasen if loose or broken before the tool needs to be replaced completely.
Not only does DoMatcha provide the finest in premium matcha green tea powder, we also provide all the tools necessary to make an amazing brew. Whether you want to keep things traditional with a Chasen or make things easy with one of our matcha blender bottles, DoMatcha stocks it all. Shop online today to see which matcha accessories fit your green tea drinking lifestyle.

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